I am a Boston-based trial attorney with a focus on criminal defense and divorce or custody disputes. While there is, sadly, some real overlap between those areas, the common denominator for me is trial work. Both require similar skills in terms of preparing for and making arguments to judges and juries. That is what I enjoy doing. That is not to say that I drive cases to trial when they can and should settle. Sometimes — especially in divorces cases — the client is best served by reaching an agreement. But as the Romans used to say: si vis pacem para bellum. “If you want settlement, prepare for trial.” (Rough translation). I have also found that many in the family law arena are so devoted to settlement that they will go into cardiac arrest — or refer the case to someone else — if faced with an actual trial. That is a weak bargaining position. So that is the service I offer clients: I have the experience to advocate effectively for you in negotiations and, if that fails, to present your case at trial. The only thing I do NOT do is act as a mediator. I can, and sometimes do, attend mediation sessions with clients, but if you are looking for someone to mediate your dispute I can refer you to someone else.